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The humblebrag…

I’m very proud of our business.  This may sound like a canned statement used by many small businesses to assure their customers of their merit.  But for me it is a sincere sentiment.  You see, it’s not just about business; it’s personal.

Stetson was started by my father in 1994 after having experienced working under the confines of franchise ownership.  It started with just him, a briefcase and his keen experience.  Over these 21 years, it’s grown to a true family business.  But we never lose sight of our humble beginnings.

In fact, it’s almost impossible to; as a small business the buck stops with us.  We don’t have any corporate headquarters to defer to when the going gets tough.  We don’t have a board of shareholder bluebloods holding our hands through the ebbs and flows of our local economic rollercoaster.  And when it comes to branding, media, advertising….again, it’s all on us.  Everything is a learning curve – a crash course.  And as a family business, the stakes are high.  So, everything you see, from our logo to our décor to our mission statements: it’s ALL us.  We’ve placed the building blocks ourselves, and from that we truly have a boastful pride in who we are and what we stand for.

Each of us has invested our blood, sweat and tears – LITERALLY – in Stetson Automotive, Inc..  And in a world of big box everything, I’m proud to stand out and stand for our family owned, locally honed, New Jersey grown Stetson.

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Stetson Automotive, Inc.

309-315 Route 9
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